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Cornegy 2009: What Does Al Vann's Non Attendance At The Brooklyn College Debates Mean?

What Does Al Vann's Non Attendance At The Brooklyn College Debates Mean?

Al Vann District 36 Democrat - Council Member - Does Not See The Need To Debate Or Take His 2009 Primary Challengers Seriously. It seems Al Vann wants his leadership, past deeds and experience in government to speak for him today.

Al Vann District 36 Democrat - Council Member - Does Not See The Need To Debate. Al Vann represented Bedford Stuyvesant in the New York State Assembly for 27 years from 1974-2001. Al Vann is representing the 36 Democrat Brooklyn City Council since 2001 for 8 years.

Al Vann District 36 Democrat - Council Member - Does Not See The Need To Debate. It seems Al Vann wants his New York Elected Officials' Endorsements to speak for him.

Al Vann's name is familiar for most 36 Democrat voters... senior voters, baby boomer voters and generation x voters. It seems Al Vann wants his voter base to do what they have always done "stick with who they know" and re-elect him.

The questions I have for you to consider is listed below...

When is the last time Al Vann attended a 36th district town hall meeting, visited your Bed-Stuy or Crown Heights neighborhood, your central Brooklyn community event, community center or senior center or answered his 36th district constituents' questions in a public forum.

What ARE you going to do about it?

Many challenges face our community's seniors... affordable prescriptions and 'quality of life' issues.

Many challenges face our community's homeowners... unemployment due to the economic downturn, higher taxes, increased prices for utilities and foreclosure.

Do you want to maintain Al Vann's 'status quo' leadership and a political fixture image he has given you over the years or do you want to take the chance to elect a new District 36 Democrat - Council Member - for Brooklyn City Council who has new perspectives, new vision, energetic leadership, who will be more responsive to the people served and will work diligently to represent the needs of the diverse neighborhoods in Bedford-Suyvesant and Crown Heights?

After 35 years of Al Vann's leadership...

Why do we have a need to revitalize many of our central Brooklyn neighborhoods and still have a need for affordable housing?

Why do we have to go outside our community for a choice of sit down resturants, family style dining, entertainment, movie theaters or to shop and to buy furniture, major appliances, electronics, a TV, a laptop etc.?

Why is there deep-rooted problems in the 36th district's educational system?

Why do you think that you need four more years of Al Vann in the 36th council?

My point is this: if Al Vann after all this time - 35 years in a position of political influence as an elected official- hasn't solved these 'quality of life' issues, what more can Al Vann do in 4 more years that he hasn’t done or tried?

Isn’t it time for a new perspective? Isn’t it time for new ideas or contributions? Isn’t it time for different approaches? Isn’t it time for new leadership?

Al Vann has contributed a lot to the growth of our central Brooklyn community but there is much work left to be done to realize our vision of a vibrant community in which all of our residents have the chance to realize their highest potential, and in which we can cultivate and leverage relationships to improved the economic development infrastructure for the 36 district local businesses, increase jobs in central Brooklyn, advocate for a living wage, advocate for affordable healthcare and housing, revitalize our dilapdidated neighborhoods and improve our public educational system.

Chances Are... you want to feel safe where you live, work and play.

Recently, I have been very involved in efforts to enhance the 'quality of life' in our community with the distribution of our Free Brooklyn Crime Prevention Guides For Businesses, Homeowners And Renters. Plus Getting The Word Out About Our Free Central Brooklyn Homeowners Back Door Address Lettering Service.

I have identified resources like SAFE WALK for making our community safer for those who are trying to get around on foot from the train and public MTA transportation communtes. CALL 866.977.9255 for more information.

The above is just a few reasons Why I am Challenging Al Vann for the District 36 Democrat - Council Member Seat. In my vision for central Brooklyn, I see the Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights communities as a desirable place to live, work, play, eat, shop, visit, worship, start and grow a business and/or raise a family. This is why I'm asking for the chance to represent you in the 36th District Brooklyn City Council.

Help Us Spread The Word - Vote C-O-R-N-E-G-Y 2009.

Vote Cornegy. Vote Robert Cornegy, Vote Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

New York City Primary Election: Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New York City General Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Enjoy your day!

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

Your Future Councilman For The 36th District

P. S. Make your Vote count on Primary Election Day.

Make your opinion heard and count with a Cornegy 2009 Blog comment below today.

Cornegy 2009: What Does Al Vann's Non Attendance At The Brooklyn College Debates Mean?

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