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Cornegy 2009: Discover How To Make Web 2.0 Technology, Computers And The Internet Work For You

Welcome back...

Hello to all my new Brooklyn, New York friends and blog readers. Thanks for visiting.

I am glad I have a chance to connect with you today. This exciting Blogger Blog provides an opportunity for me to engage in a dialogue with you one-on-one. I am using the latest Web 2.0 Social Media technology (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Blog Talk Radio etc.) to be able to reach out to you and other people in the community. My Cornegy 2009 blog is intergrated with the top Web 2.0 platforms that is available to you, too, on the Internet.

Be sure to read this entire blog post because there's some truly valuable resources I want to give you.

Discover How To Make Web 2.0 Technology, Computers And The Internet Work For You

This is Robert Cornegy...

"Helping you to 'Make Technology, Computers and the Internet Work For You' Especially, Web 2.0 technology and not get by without it."

I have been talking to people to help people get over their fear of Technology, Computers and the Internet. If a person feels intimidated even if they own a home computer they won't use it. In my connecting with people I want to create an atmosphere where people feel at ease to use the Internet in the comfort of their home, library or Internet cafe to access information and in turn, learn the sources and valuable resources needed to make informed decisions... about how to improve their mental, physical, and financial health.


Well, I have some good news... Two things. First up, I have a recommended resource. Affordable Web 2.0 Internet training is FINALLY available for non-technical people to help you promote your church fund raiser, your civic organization, your homebased business or small business. This recommended resource may be the answer to the Web's technical hurdles many people face.

The beauty of this you can edit your blog, upload photographs and videos you want anytime you want to do it. Once you learn and know how to do it.

I am discovering the art of communication by social networking on the Web. If you're mystified by the Internet, Web 2.0, Social Media, Blogging or Social Networking this is the Internet trainng and Web 2.0 Blog package for you. Most of all, the Blogger Blog it's easy and quick to implement!

Now for the second part...

My main Cornegy 2009 campaign website logo and design is by tara.nicole. My Cornegy 2009 Campaign website has been up and running smoothly since February 2009 and my Web 2.0 Cornegy 2009 Blog was launch on March 20th 2009. I would have recommended my Web 2.0 resources sooner, but I really didn't want to until I was 100% positive that Web 2.0 is all that it is hyped up to be and really works. It works!

I didn't want to open my mouth about this to soon... Truth is, I didn't want this particular Web 2.0 information getting out to my competitors.

I am continuing my community service outreach online with my "On Air With Cornegy" LIVE Blog Talk Radio Show on Sunday evenings from 6:30 pm to 7 pm.

My Cornegy 2009 Twitter made the N.Y. Times Feed.

You can check out my Cornegy 2009 Blog Site Meter at the bottom of this page for blog stats. Many people came to my blog on Tuesday September 15th and Wednesday September 16th 2009 looking for NYC and Brookyln 2009, Primary Voting Information and District 36th election results. My Tuesday September 15th 2009 11:54 PM blog post gave a direct link to the NYC Primary Election Results.

I have an impressive online presence. One that emulates President Barack Obama. If you are reading this post you can have an impressive online presence, too.

The following is a paragraph taken from Nostrand Park August 29, 2009 Blog Comments By Editor Laurel Brown.


"Robert Cornegy – Cornegy gets MAJOR points in this category. I love his online media campaign – from his blog, to the surveys, to his commercial. He’s been very visible and active. He was actually the first candidate that I knew about because of a survey that he posted about improving parks in Central BK. Moreover, people who I’ve read from or spoken with about him, LOVE him. For me it seems as if he has the staff power to make things happen and would be able to really engender respect and support of fellow council members as well as the community, which translates into being able to get things done. Not to mention that he’s had experience working in government and has been a big social entrepreneur (with, for instance, the homeless shelter he started)."

I have a question for you -

So what’s stopping some of you from at least sticking a toe in the water and start investigating the Internet possibilities?

As a Corney 2009 Blog reader you can have an affordable Web 2.0 Blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Blog Talk Radio set-up for you starting today for your church, civic organization, entrepreneur and small business endeavors. My BlogMaster has committed to work with you-- one on one to set up and custom build an optimized blog or other Web 2.0 platforms.

For those who are interested in an online presence or increasing your online visibility I recommend you reach out and contact my Blogger BlogMaster for an inquiry about Web 2.0 training and offered services.

You can join the many people the Blogger BlogMaster has helped online like myself.

Your time has come.

The time is now...

Feel free to call my Web 2.0 Social Media BlogMaster at this # 347-240-3713 to reserve your spot today.

Before, I get any calls about this, I need to make something crystal clear...

Cornegy 2009 readers will be contacted by my Web 2.0 Social Media BlogMaster as listed on a First come, first served basis when you call.

Thank you all for your support in my Cornegy 2009 campaign. Thanks for emailing the Cornegy 2009 Blog to your family and friends and getting the word out on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the other social accounts and blogs!

As usual any questions should be directed below. Feel free to ask questions by writing a comment below. As always, I will address your specific questions.


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