Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cornegy 2009: Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. Creates Online Presence And Web 2.0 Visibility

Date August 6, 2009 Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. Former Brooklyn College Marketing Professor Learns How To Successfully Create An Online Presence And Extensive Web 2.0 Visibility For His Cornegy 2009 Political Campaign. A year ago he was a prospective candidate with no online presence.

Today Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. is a strong viable candidate with a remarkable online presence. He is reaching out on the Web to savvy internet users, young people, first time voters and asking for their support and vote.

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. believes it’s time to reach out, find and connect with a portion of our population that have been routinely not engaged in the progress of our beloved central Brooklyn community and take the appropriate measures to make sure they‘re part of the progress not part of the problem.

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    A Brooklyn, New York Community Leader, Activist, Speaker. A Candidate for Brooklyn's 36th District Council Seat. "A Voice Of Change For The Voiceless" - Cached - Similar -
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    Robert Cornegy 2009 - Civic Duty A Social Imperative. Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. 2009 Candidate For Brooklyn's 36th District . ... - Cached - Similar -
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    Robert E. Cornegy Jr. --- Candidate for Brooklyn's 36th District City Council Seat. - Cached - Similar -
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