Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cornegy 2009: Central Brooklyn's Ecumenical Community Stands With Robert Cornegy

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QUESTION: What Is It Going To Take To Have This Togetherness Happen As A Common Occurence For People Of All Walks Of Life To Be Pro-Active And Stand Up Together As A Community?

I look forward to hearing from you with any thoughts, ideas or comments on the above question and message.

Thanks for listening.

Your Future Councilman For The 36th District Brooklyn City Council New York City.

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

Cornegy 2009: Central Brooklyn's Ecumenical Community Stands With Robert Cornegy

Featured Endorsements

“Robert Cornegy is a voice of reason in a time of chaos.”

Reverend Dr. Lawrence Acker – Cornerstone Baptist Church

“This is a candidate and a campaign who has regained the trust of the citizens of our district that they can enhance the marvel of democracy and the positive good of the political process for us Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant residents.”

Father Caleb Buchanan – St. Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church

“Robert Cornegy is a distinct voice for the people of District 36. He walks quietly but with much power and conviction in working for the rights of this community. He and his staff work tirelessly on our behalf under the power of love and we trust him completely to lead us into new dimensions.”

Bishop Lillian Robinson-Wiltshire – Overseer and Pastor Cathedral of Christ Community Ministries, VP of the African-American Clergy, Membership and Public Relations

“I’ve know Robert for a very long time and he has always been a people person. The community will certainly look up to him, not because he’s tall but because he is sincere and honest. He is also a man of character and integrity.”

Reverend Kevin Williams – Faith Chapel Baptist Church

“Robert Cornegy is living his creed. Not only is he a legitimate candidate in a tough council race, he genuinely cares about the community; which is evident as I constantly see him in the community.”

David Hampton – Bethany Baptist Church

“Robert Cornegy is an asset to the Bedford Stuyvesant and larger Brooklyn community. Having known Mr. Cornegy since his basketball fame at Andrew Jackson High School and St. John's University, he has made the amazing transition from athlete to community activist and entrepreneur. On many occasions, Robert has opened up Solomon's Porch to our music ministry and congregation for amazing fellowship and great food.

Robert also has a wealth of good ideas to heighten the quality of living for many in our neighborhoods. I am glad that he and his family have decided to reside in Central Brooklyn where he will work on behalf of his people.”

Reverend Clinton Miller – Brown Memorial Baptist Church

"I find Mr. Cornegy to be a concerned community activist who is dedicated to developing whole communities."

Reverend Glenmore Bembry, Jr. – Trinity Baptist Church

“With this election I will be a foot soldier and a speaker. I’ll get more foot soldiers to help you with your election. It is indeed an honor to meet a man that believes in some of the things that I believe. We can change our community with the right leadership working with Mickens Community Works.”

Brother Isaac LaPreece Mickens – Nation of Islam

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