Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cornegy 2009: Civic Duty A Social Imperative

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Please Feel Free To Join the Cornegy 2009 Civic Duty A Social Imperative.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to speak at one of our Bedford-Stuyvesant Junior High School's Career Day. The age group of my audience was 12 years to 14 years old.

The message I want to convey to our youth is we all have a service responsibilty to our community. I believe, we all have a civic duty to to be of service to our community. Civic duty simply starts with being a good neighbor or volunteering in the community,

What are your civic duty thoughts.

What can we do to inspire our youth to be of service to others?

Please comment below.


Cornegy 2009: Civic Duty A Social Imperative.

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

2009 Candidate For Brooklyn's 36th District City Council "A Voice Of Change In Action".


  1. The hard truth i've learned is that we have to start with those who are willing. The sad fact is that we've undergone a major intellectual dismantling since i was a kid. in the 60's, the average age of an activist was 16. that identical age group is searching for a cause/identity and they're turning to the media to find themselves. This creates an engagement vacuum. The way forward, we believe at my non profit, is to identify the connected ones, then try and turn the attention of the rest in that direction - a direction of service, achievement and hopefully, we'll be on the way to bridging the engagement vacuum.

  2. Ray, 'Civic Duty A Social Imperative'. I believe like President Barack Obama believes that we need to integrate service into education, so that young Americans are prepared to be active citizens.