Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cornegy 2009: Get The Facts About The MTA B-25

Here is a BRAND NEW CORNEGY 2009 MTA B-25 VIDEO that you need to watch right now.

Watch Cornegy 2009 New MTA B-25 Video - Get The Facts About The MTA B-25

MTA B-25 is an extremely important issue affecting Central Brooklyn and our Bedford-Stuyvesant community commuters.

The MTA B-25 is one of the buses targeted in the MTA’s budget proposal to have weekday service cancelled. According to the MTA’s 2007 data the B-25 had an annual ridership of 4 million, and was the 77th most ridden bus line out of 208 local buses.

What this means to you.

The MTA B-25 is a lifeline for the Central Brooklyn community supplying transportation for millions of riders, providing reliable public transportation for our handicap and elderly citizens, and providing foot traffic to our local Bedford-Stuyvesant community stores.

Canceling the weekday and weekend service of the MTA B-25 will force millions of riders underground to the already overcrowded A & C trains with only two handicap access stops in Brooklyn, Franklin and Euclid Ave.

But we are going to FIGHT BACK -

This is everything we done to prepare for the MTA B-25 battle.

We have made the MTA B-25 issue known to the community and help enlist support.

We have signed and circulated the MTA B-25 citizen’s campaign petitions.

We have attended Brooklyn MTA public hearing meetings.

We have attended and spoked at the African American Clergy and Elected Official Meeting in Brooklyn.

We have voiced our opinions and advocated on behalf of MTA B-25 community riders.

We will continue to advocated on behalf of MTA B-25 community riders. Please help spread the word and e-mail this blog post to a family member or a friend.

I want to hear from YOU! Leave your MTA B-25 comments below and let me know how you feel about the proposed cut of the B-25 bus. Your comments will be posted for the community to see, and from there, we can continue to discuss how this proposed cut of the B-25 bus will affect you and our community.


Cornegy 2009: Get The Facts About The MTA B-25

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