Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cornegy 2009: Mother's Day Message

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - Happy Mother's Day. Michelle and I are sending a special Mother's Day message to all Central Brooklyn families.

We wanted to wish all the mothers in our community a Happy Mother's Day. We plan to personally reach out and hand out 1,000 Mother's Day cards starting this evening at the Fulton Restoration Plaza, 1368 Fulon Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Tomorrow Sunday May 10, 2009 on Mother's Day Michelle and I will continue recognizing mothers and distributing our Mother's Day cards and wishes at three different churches in our community: St Gregory The Great, Bethany Baptist and Cornerstone Baptist Church.

I am glad there is a special day to celebrate and honor our mothers. I believe, mothers definitely deserve our respect, admiration, and appreciation. I cherished the memories of my mother, (the late) Ellen Journey Cornegy.

I often share stories with my family and friends about my mother's wisdom, generosity and selfless family support. My mother was always there for me. She was a great source of inspiration.

Mothers have a very important role in our lives and in our society. Mothers are role models, our first teachers, and sources of unconditional love and support. Mothers instill the values, compassion, leadership and confidence that help define their children's character and self-esteem.

My mother extended herself to anyone in the community who needed and asked for help. My mother taught me to respect and view people as people and not to judge people by their life's circumstance. My mother believed people are inherently good but anyone can encounter a bad situation or experience an unexpected misfortune.

At a very early age I learned not to qualify people by their circumstances but to help people with their need. I believe one of the most important lessons I learned from my mother was not to see through people but to help see people through unforseen daunting life challenges and the difficulties they faced.

Mothers love, nurture and guide us through our life's journey. There is no substitute for the bond of love between a mother and child, and nothing is more worthy of reverence.

Congratulations to all of our new mothers who live in Central Brooklyn. Enjoy your first Mother's Day celebration.

My heartfelt, deepest condolences to my neigbors in the community, friends and colleagues who lost their mothers this year. Let me say, the first Mother's Day is the hardiest one to experience.

Among the greatest gifts I ever have received in my life is my wife, Michelle. I can not end this blog post without saying I am so grateful and extremely blessed for having a beautiful, wonderful and loving wife.

I sincerely appreciate, my wife, Michelle's love and dedication towards our children. I have no words to express how much honor and respect I have for her. I want to say 'Thank You, Michelle, for Everything You Do' for us.

Wishing My Wife, Michelle, And All Mothers A Happy Mother's Day.

Robert E. Cornegy Jr.

Cornegy 2009: Mother's Day Message

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