Saturday, July 11, 2009

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. For New York City Council - Brooklyn 36th District

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. For New York City Council - Brooklyn 36th District

My remarkable Cornegy 2009 Team and I are in full campaign mode. I am concentrating my efforts on campaigning. I am campaigning as if my life depeneds on it. I am in the fight for my political career.

And why? I am seeking to unseat a longtime incumbent. Al Vann is a 40-year incumbent in a solid Democratic district. He has the backing of nearly every major Democratic official in the state and has raised nearly $1 million. People are used to voting for Al Vann.

I could go on, but I think I've made my point. You and I both know that it is an uphill battle to fight the status quo. But I am ready for the challenge. I think the people of this 36h district are ready for a change of the guard.

Our party and our neigborhoods are stronger because of the work Al Vann has done over the years. However, the difference between myself and the current city councilman Al Vann is he demonstrates an autocratic leadership. He makes decisions for you. I want to include you and the community into the decision making process.

"Who Is Robert Cornegy?"

In case you don't know me, for the last 15 years I've been a community organizer for the community. Central Brooklyn has a host of needs. My main concern is 'quality of life'. Aside from 'quality of life' however, the issue that seems to reverberate most in my campaign is public safety.

Central Brooklyn residents deserve safe spaces to 'Live, Work & Play'.

I will stand by my promise to make our community a safe space to 'Live, Work & Play'.

It's very important for me to know my neigborhood is safe. I am a Brooklyn homeowner. I have a wife and 6 children that I love and adore and neighbors I care about. My family's personal and public safety is very important to me.

Giving my family the best that life has to offer and the best that they deserve is a personal priority for me. I know how crucial it is to be able to give your family the things they need and desire.

Teaching my children the values it's not what someone else can do for you but what you can do for yourself.

"But this campaign isn't about me..."

It's about YOU!

It bothers me when I see people struggle...

Many Central Brooklyn residents have little access to health care. There are seniors in the 36th district who can’t afford prescription drugs.

I will stand by my promise to improve healthcare.

"I do have an advantage..."

My online Cornegy 2009 campaign is seeking to capture the Obama-fueled enthusiasm of young voters in the 36th district. President Barack Obama’s campaign effectively mobilized a new base of young voters. His campaign prove the 18- to 35-year-old demographic in the city’s electorate can be stirred by a candidate who directly engage young voters. President Barack Obama's online campaign inspired me to an expanded world of Web 2.0 possibilities.

The Cornegy 2009 campaign can leverage modern technology, engage young people and build a strong new young 1st time voter base. In that effort, my Cornegy 2009 campaign embraces an Internet-savvy and youth-friendly Web 2.0 Social Media strategy that includes MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, an interactve Blogger Blogspot voice blog, my Cornegy website and an "On The Air With Cornegy" Blog Talk Radio Show.

My Cornegy 2009 Team are the best in the biz. You've probably seen their work around just about every corner of the internet.

I hope to gain the trust and confidence of voters in the 36h District. I know this 2009 New York City Council race will ultimately be won on the streets of Central Brooklyn. My door to door campaign is to personally reach out to people within the community. There is a new generation of Central Brooklyn residents who have never been touched by the Brooklyn machine and for many this is their 1st election, too.

I am a recognized figure in the 36th district largely because of my community work.

I am comfortable greeting and meeting people on the street and actively engaging people in conversation.

"One last important point..."

The bottom line is I just want to help people. I want to help YOU. That’s the bottom line.

As a community leader I have a responsibility to be transparent and accountable for everything I do. I expect my constituents (YOU) to hold me accountable. Well, to say it short I am a man of integrity and ACTION.

My family has had to acclimate to my late night campaigning. However, I have an incredible supportive wife and children who happily greet me when I come home.

Hope you find the information here USEFUL in a way or another! Feel free to browse around my Crnegy 2009 blog.

Check out what people saying about my campaign and post your comments too!

"Here's what I want you to do..."

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'Til next time...

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. For New York City Council - Brooklyn 36th District

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