Friday, March 20, 2009

"One On One With Robert E. Cornegy, Jr."

One On One With Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. I am appreciative, humble and a gracious person. I have been blessed with the love of a beautiful, loving and caring woman. I feel a deep level of happiness and inner peace however...

I am very concerned with the critical economic issue that we face today. I know and understand the financial difficulties and personal challenges many of my Bed-Stuy neighbors and people in our community are dealing with.

Many of my neighbors are looking for ways to improving their finances. I understand their and your financial struggle.

As a family man, a devoted husband and father, I am deeply concerned with the issues of crimes of violence: domestic violence and children caught in the cross fire of perpetuating household conflict, child abuse, rape, violent crimes against women and street crimes.

No one for any reason deserves to be abused.

For help and support call The Domestic Violence Helpline at 1-800-621-4673.

You and I both want a better community. I am a strong supporter of mental health services for people in our community. We have people who are grappling with their thoughts and want insight into themselves or wrestling with emotions and internal pain.

Mental health services are needed in our community so people who need help can get help. Some people need professional help and guidance to find out why they do the things they do and how to find a new mindset and behaviors to change.

Other people need mental help or life coach counseling to help them achieve their goals in life.

Let me explain...

One thing I've noticed along the way is how difficult
it can be to try and get your "inner game" finely tuned
so you actually can achieve what you want in life.

This applies to business, personal life, finances... EVERYTHING.

Sure, we can set goals and all that, but somehow sometimes we
just seem to lose focus before we get there. It's kind
of like too much garbage or noise gets in the way, you know?

All that is about to change!

Because now there is a powerful way to literally
set your sites on what you want to happen in your
life, and then GET IT--

I'm NOT kidding.

The best thing is for you to see how this works
for yourself by visiting the Vaya Institute.

If you want to maximize the possibilities in your life... Go Check Out the Vaya Institute.

Just like mental health for well being we share many other concerns. Like you, I want the best for all of my children. There is an unusual amount of love, caring, respect and openness my wife and I share wih each other and with our children.

I want my children to have the best education possible to develop their innate talent, develop personal excellence and self confidence, to develop good character, integrity and have the necessary life skills to face life evolving challenges.

I want to maximize the possibilities in my children's life. Many of you want these same things, too.

I trust you will stand up with me to support aspiring Bed-Stuy entrepreneurs, Bed-Stuy established entrepreneurs, small businesses and shops within our community.

I trust you will stand up with me to find out how you can make a difference to take personal responsibility to halt the domestic violence, street violence and hate crimes.... happening in our community.

CALL The Domestic Violence Helpline 1-800-621-4673.

I trust you will stand up with me to get the counseling you or a family member needs even if, you have anxiety about making the call.

Pick Up The Phone And CALL The Vaya Institute.
Dial 718-455-3861.

What Do I, Robert E. Cornegy, Jr, Bring To The Table?

I bring empowering community resources. I give you the people, and resources required to help you to make changes in your life. The Cornegy Resource Guide has the information you need to know.

Every Resource You Need To Empower You And Make Your Life Better Or Your Entrepreneurial Dreams A Reality I Will Give To You In An Upcoming Resource Guide.

The time is right, through consistent and continuing dialogue and action, to make changes. I am reaching out to you today. I ask you to define your role as a member of our community.

I ask you to reach out to people you love, members in your household, your neighbors, your friends and associates. Each one, Reach One, To Teach One. Help the people you know to define their role as a member of our community.

I look forward to hearing from YOU.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

Just click on the word comments.

OK, gotta run, but we'll talk again soon.


"One On One With Robert E. Cornegy, Jr."

Cornegy 2009: Robert E. Cornegy, Jr

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