Friday, March 20, 2009

Cornegy 2009: A Message Of Employment Concern From Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

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A Message Of Employment Concern From Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

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  1. Watching the news and hearing of the economy is so depressing.

    What's worse is that so many of my friends and family are being hit HARD by these difficult times.

    These are great people... hard-working people... that don't deserve to be in this situation.

    It breaks my heart.

  2. This was so refreshing to see a person of color promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is wonderful to know that people will have an opportunity to become educated about entrepreneurship. The only true way to prosperity is to create and start your own business. People also need to be taught about credit, which controls your life. Understand the do's and don't's and how to correct it. This is all part of entrepreneurship. I want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing!.

  3. The American financial system is set up in favor of the entrepreneur. When one considers the considers the myriad tax/financial incentives as well as the non-financial incentives entrepreneurship is a no brainer. One of the greatest benefits is permanent employment. It is highly unlikely that an entrepreneur will fire themselves. There are a couple of things to consider. Perhaps it would be a good idea to open a business incubator to serve as a catalyst. The TARP offers an interesting opportunity to start such a venture; however, our elected officials seem clueless as to how to go about taking advantage of the program. I have yet to see any leadership whatsoever around this topic. I am generally impressed with your willingness to step out in a time of great need and I am certain that people will notice. "Leadership is only as effective as the will of the people". It is quite sad but, "disenfranchisement has come about largely as a result of what our elected officials have not done rather that what external forces have done". May you be blessed in your endeavor.


  4. Without risk there is no reward! As a small business entrepreneur, I know the importance of having the right people support your ideas and dreams and ever since I've know Rob he has been a confidant and counselor.

    Opening a forum to discuss ideas and business development issues is a necessity in this time of uncertainty and economic turmoil.

    Keep it moving Big Rob!