Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cornegy 2009: Crime Prevention Guide Available

Brooklyn Campaign Headquarters
653 Putnam Brooklyn, NY 11233
P: 917-586-7444 or 347-741-9121


Concerned About...

Robberies? Burglaries? Car Theft?

Being Mugged? Or Worse????

Don't Wait To Become A


READ Robert E. Cornegy Jr.'s

Crime Prevention Guide


The Guide Courtesy of Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. Will Show You Many Ways To Prevent Crime and

What To Do If You, Your Home, Or Business Are Victimized.


We Organize Public Safety Forums For Homeowners,

Renters, Businesses, and all Residents In General.

For more information - CALL: 917-586-7444


FREE Download Crime Prevention Guide 'Protect Your Business'

FREE Download Crime Prevention Guide 'Protect Your Property'.


  1. In this economic environment most people conserve and figure out ways to make it through the recession. Sometimes there are a handful of individuals that become desperate and resort to crime and preying on the unsuspecting. It is important to make people aware of how to protect themselves in the community. It's great that this campaign has recognized the need for crime prevention and dissemination of information regarding this important topic!

  2. In this economic environment most people learn to conserve in order to make it through the recession. However there is a handful of individuals who use the recession as an excuse and resort to preying on those unsuspecting.

    It is thoughtful that this campaign knows the importance of crime prevention in the community and its willingness to dissemination information!

  3. I think I commented to the wrong blog! But nonetheless, from public safety to crime prevention the community is in need for helpful information and facts. Glad to see that these issues have not gone overlooked.