Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cornegy 2009: Why I Own A Blog?

Cornegy 2009 - Why I Own A Blog?

My Cornegy 2009 Blog allows me to communicate on a far more personal level with you. I like the Cornegy 2009 Blog because it creates a sense of community online. My blog also allows me to keep our community issues at the forefront of the political discussion and be accountable to you.

The point brought to my attention recently is that not everyone is Internet savvy or familiar with reading or interacting on blogs. This social media channel is new to many of you whom I have invited to visit my blog.

So, let's talk about this because I don't want any perceived communication barriers. Alot of people may be used to visiting websites but not sure what to do on a blog. The difference between a website and a blog is the website is static and the blog is interactive.

I have both a Cornegy 2009 Campaign informational website and an interactive Cornegy 2009 blog that I invite you to visit.

How To Use The Cornegy 2009 Blog?

You can look at the Cornegy 2009 Blog archives to read past blog entry posts and to get an overview what the Cornegy 2009 Blog is about.

Most blog owners, myself included, want to interact with their visitors and ask visitors to respond to a blog post and leave a comment. For example, I am sharing my thoughts with you now and I would like for you to respond with your own thoughts, opinions and questions.

Notice that just after the end of this blog entry is a short section, which includes a link to comments. You have to click on the word "Comments" to post your own comments. When you click on the "Comments" link, you'll see the replies people have posted.

You can read their comments and join the online dialogue by leaving your own comments. You can post a reply in regards to the blog entry or to someone else's comment. You simply type your response and click submit. Don't be surprised if you are the first one to leave a comment.

Sometimes people are shy or aren't sure what to say. I encourage you to leave a comment and let me know you visited. I appreciate you taking the time to visit. Take a look at my blog and I would love to hear your thoughts, concerns and feedback.

Is my explanation easy to understand? Complete with enough details?

Thank you for your feedback.

You can also click on the envelope icon and email a blog page to a friend to get them involved in the Cornegy 2009 online dialogue.

Look forward to interacting with you on my blog.


Cornegy 2009: Why I Own A Blog?

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  1. It's refreshing to have a "new" voice, in Bed-Stuy. We need a new perspective and new ideas in our community from someone that has a vested interest. I must say it is wonderful to have a candidate that is speaking about our issues and concerns and not one who is dancing around this issues. I am proud to say that I will be supporting you this September!!